here are some rules for this wiki

Character RulesEdit

here are some rules for making characters. Characters can be human or animal or angel or demon or other things like that 

1. Don't make them over powered 

2. you need to put what they look like, what guardian power or powers they have e.g light darkness and other things like that, good or evil or anti-hero

3. must have a name. can also have a last name if you want

Weapon Rules Edit

  1. must have a name
  2. can be connected to a element power
  3. you must put who made it and who uses it
  4. this info must be put on the characters page

World Rules Edit

Ok you can also makes worlds or your characters to live on here are the rules

  1. name
  2. what race lives on it
  3. what element god is made it
  4. who rules it

Race Rules Edit

you can make a race as well it can be anything from human, angels, demons, or even animals.

  1. name of race
  2. what the race looks like
  3. what world they live on
  4. and any character who is part of the race